One dictionary’s definition of a window is “an opening in a building …”. European castles in feudal times had windows – not as we know them though. They were openings that had no glass – they let in light and air, but unfortunately also weather, insects and who knows what else.

Locally, most older windows were made of wood which held the glass in place. Then residential units were built with metal frames (first steel, then aluminum which became much more popular). Today the majority of windows are framed with vinyl extrusions, mainly because of energy and cost considerations. A few wood units are still sold and fiberglass frames are starting to appear.

We only sell units made by reputable manufacturers who are quality & price oriented. They have to offer reasonable warranties to our customers. Our major manufacturer has been making windows for us for many years. We want to do our best to assure our customers that what few problems arise are quickly and satisfactorily resolved by our manufacturers.


Today, windows have come a long way in functionality and decorative features. Almost all windows sold today are “double glazed” (or more) to save energy and cut down on outside noise getting into your building. Other options are internal grids (makes windows look like several small panes), low E and/or gas filled for energy efficiency, other glass tints for privacy or energy issues, colored frames and other decorative glass options. In other words, your windows can decorate your home more than ever.

We have members of our staff who are extremely knowledgeable about windows. Whether your job requires one window or hundreds of them, we can help.

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