It wouldn’t be called Forbusco Lumber without it!  We all use lumber: in our houses, fences, and decks — a lot of the things that we depend on!  Forbusco has a large selection of quality lumber, so it’s the perfect place to be for all your needs.

Forbusco carries several different types of finish lumber: clear all heart cedar, clear fir, and some various types of pine. All these dry woods are excellent for finishing up a project and making your home look beautiful.  We also stock good quality MDF primed boards which are used in interior finish/trim situations.

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photo of worker sanding lumber

Exterior trim lumber includes composites, white wood, treated and cedar. This lumber is great for putting the finishing trim on your home.  We stay very current when it comes to new products in this category and we select what we sell in order to give you the best value. Ask about durability, prices, etc.

Standard construction lumber is very popular here at Forbusco, whether it is pressure treated or not,  and is great for ALL your needs. From framing to decking to fencing, this lumber will suit all of your home projects.

Western Red Cedar is another type of lumber that is gorgeous, enjoyable, and sturdy. We stock many popular sizes and it performs very well in exposed exterior applications.  It is just one of our many types of great lumber here at Forbusco, so give it a try!

We have a large inventory of panel (sheet) products including fir plywood, OSB and hardwood (birch and oak). Grades we stock include sanded (finished applications) and consturction grades (for subfloor and sheathing situations).

As with most all products we sell, be sure to ask about our FORCAP pricing plan.  It stands for FORBUSCO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PLAN and it gives you immediate discounts which can be substantial.  It is meant to thank you for being one of our customers during our 70 plus years of serving Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and all Humboldt county areas.