worker nailing roofing material photo

Our roofs take a terrible beating from the sun and wind and we depend on them to protect us and our possessions. If you are building a new structure, you have lots of choices of long lasting roofings.  If you have an existing roof, it doesn’t make sense to delay re-roofing if the life of the roof is at or near its end because the usual result will be undesirable.  You have many options here also.

We have fiberglass composition shingles that are Class A fire rated.  We stock traditional “25 year” three tab shingles in black. We also have “30 year” shingles in black, gray and brown, generally known by at least three different names (the industry can’t make up its mind) – architectural, dimensional and laminate shingles.  We can quickly order almost any non-stock color, style and warranty (“40” and “50” year).  Note:  warranties are “limited” so ask about a specific manufacturer’s terms.

Our stock also includes corrugated fiberglass and polycarbonate panels (patios, carports, greenhouses) and corrugated galvanized metal (outbuildings, barns).  In addition we order a substantial number of roof jobs in painted metal; several colors and patterns are readily available.

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