​FORBUSCO has a very large display showing you many options for siding and trim.  You will see it when you enter our parking lot.  If you are interested, go to the front counter and ask for a copy of the INDEX – Warehouse Sample Panels which gives you a self-guided tour of the display.

If you think about it, siding is one of the most important parts of your house.  Architecturally it is by far the largest part of the outside of your home.  It needs to not only protect you and your property but it must also look good to maximize the value of your home.

For many years most houses built locally had some sort of wood siding.  Until the advent of plywood siding, most of it was redwood or cedar available in several patterns (T&G, Shiplap, Bevel, Board & Batt, Board on Board).  We stock a couple of patterns that match these but most are currently not popular.  We do have a large network of suppliers who can provide these items so if you need to match siding for an addition or remodel be sure to see us early in the project so that siding doesn’t hold up your project.


Plywood sidings have been popular for many years.  It is relatively quick to install and there are several types of patterns and face finishes available.  We stock several of the most popular patterns and can quickly obtain most others.

By far the most popular siding for new construction today is made of a mix of cement and wood fiber and is available in planks (for a horizontal look) and panels (not nearly as popular).  It is usually sold “primed” so it is ready for painting.  The planks need to be installed over plywood or OSB as they do not have any structural value (“shear”).  We stock the most popular planks and receive weekly shipments of special orders.

Other types of siding such as vinyl, aluminum and wood shingles are also available but are not popular in this area and climate.  Stucco is also an option and larger jobs are most often applied by specialized subcontractors.

As with most all products we sell, be sure to ask about our FORCAP pricing plan.  It stands for FORBUSCO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PLAN and it gives you immediate discounts which can be substantial.  It is meant to thank you for being one of our customers during our 70 plus years of serving Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and all Humboldt county areas.