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When it comes to plumbing, whatever your situation, we can give you help. We stock enough plumbing inventory that you can easily completely plumb several houses at once – or just do most simple repairs around your property. 

PIPE - Generally there are two categories of pipe; pressurized and non pressurized.  Within each of these categories, residential, agriculture and light commercial applications call for pipe made of plastic, copper or steel.  We have many types of pipe and fittings to choose from to make your job easier including PEX pipe and fittings plus, sharkbite fittings.

FIXTURES – We have a good inventory of sinks (kitchen and bathroom), toilets and tub/shower enclosures and surrounds.  Also, we have a nice selection of kitchen and bath faucets along with tub and shower controls.  We can special order tubs and showers, from low-priced standard units to luxurious ones in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Some of the other categories that we have in inventory are water heaters, garbage disposals, drain cleaning compounds and tools, grab bars and a whole list of items that are too numerous to mention.

As with most all products we sell, be sure to ask about our FORCAP pricing plan.  It stands for FORBUSCO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PLAN and it gives you immediate discounts which can be substantial.  It is meant to thank you for being one of our customers during our 70 plus years of serving Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and all Humboldt county areas.