Often, but not always, it is OK to have up to 2 layers of composition shingles on your roof before you have to start “tear off” of old roofing. We highly recommend that you have someone knowledgeable check out your roof and rafters before you overlay old layers.  

If your roof shingles are wood, you will definitely have to watch for rotten shingles and nailing problems (most wood shingle roofs have “skip” sheathing). If you have wooden “shingles,” one layer of composition shingles over the wood roof might be acceptable. If your roof is of wood “shakes,” take them off; more than likely you’ll have to fill in or overlay the skip sheathing that is probably there.

Today’s composition shingles are “metric” size – slightly larger than older composition roof shingles. It is easier (and probably better) to overlay your old roof with 30# felt before you apply a new layer. If you do a complete tear off of old roof coating layers, you basically have a “new” roof situation as far as options go. Don’t forget to put down a layer of felt over the wood sheathing before you start the new layer of roofing.

roofer working on ceramic tile roof

While you are re-roofing, be sure to check your attic's ventilation; if it is inadequate, excess heat buildup in the attic can shorten the lifespan or of your roof.

COATINGS: We have several different types of roof coatings to coat roofs done with “rolled” roofing that has been used on sheds, mobile homes and sometimes other buildings. Be sure to follow directions on the cans!

Whatever you do, BE CAREFUL! No one wants to fall off a roof. Use only good equipment and tools. Use proper safety procedures. If you have questions, do your research or ask a “pro.”

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