Brick & Block

Concrete and cement are essentials for many home building projects so we have a large inventory of bagged cement (the powdered adhesive that you add to sand and gravel to make concrete) and ready-mix concrete (just add water). We also stock concrete blocks, bricks and pavers as well as rebar, tie wire and dobies. 

Blocks, Bricks and Pavers: We have a large selection of:

  • structural block shapes and sizes
  • landscaping items such as “garden wall” blocks and stepping stones
  • pavers are used to make walks, driveways, patios, etc
  • bricks can be used the same way as pavers or they can be used to make barbeques, fire pits and many other outdoor or indoor projects
Bricklaying and masonry image

Other Bagged Products: We not only have cement and concrete; we also have mortar, washed sand and other products.

Stackable split face "Garden Wall" can b e used as a retaining wall up to 36" in height. We have suggestions on this and other projects.

From house foundations to out of doors lawn spaces we have the products to make your design a reality.

As with most all products we sell, be sure to ask about our FORCAP pricing plan.  It stands for FORBUSCO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PLAN and it gives you immediate discounts which can be substantial.  It is meant to thank you for being one of our customers during our 70 plus years of serving Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and all Humboldt county areas.