Why Is “Green” Important?

If one thinks about it, there are over six billion of us humans on earth today breathing, eating, drinking, creating waste of all sorts and using up “stuff” which probably doesn’t have an inexhaustible supply. We need to rethink the methods and traditions we have used to live and prosper as a society – some are OK but others should be changed. 

WHAT DOES “GREEN” MEAN? It means different things to different folks. Some possible categories and a few examples that deal with construction might be:

At FORBUSCO, we are very much in favor of providing you with sensible choices. Sometimes there are laws that we are following; just complying with California’s building codes goes a long way towards being “green”. Other times we just don’t want to supply you with certain items that don’t make sense.  We don’t always buy the “cheapest” because if it just doesn’t work well or fails altogether you’ll probably have to replace it.  This not only costs you money and time, it takes raw materials and energy to remake the product – wasteful on all fronts and is not environmentally friendly.

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