Everyone needs a floor.  But after you get your floor, you’ll need a floor covering.  Here are a few options for floor coverings.

We carry popular wood look laminates and vinyl flooring and are able to give you good advice on your flooring project. We no longer carry and sell carpet.

Hardwood floor adds character and beauty to any room.  The natural properties of wood create a certain appearance that other types of flooring cannot.  Beautiful hardwood floors can also add value to your home.  Hardwood fulfills the need for beauty in your home.

Other popular options are sheet vinyl and laminates. Vinyl is an attractive floor that works well in areas where the floor may get wet. Laminates are available in many “wood look” patterns and vary in price by quality and manufacturer's specifications.


As with most all products we sell, be sure to ask about our FORCAP pricing plan.  It stands for FORBUSCO CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PLAN and it gives you immediate discounts which can be substantial.  It is meant to thank you for being one of our customers during our 65 years of serving Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale and all Humboldt county areas.